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HP Colour Toner Refills for Lasers - SLASH INKJET PRINTING COSTS with ProPrint

Suppliers of Toner powder to refill empty HP laser printer cartridges

  Colour Toner Refills for HP Laser Printer Cartridges

Colour refill Toner Powder for Colour Laser Printers

Compatible colour toner refill bottles available for Brother Epson HP QMS   Mannesmann Tally Genicom   Minolta Konica Samsung  OKI Lexmark HP Laser Printer cartridges

Black Laser Printers Hewlett Packard toner refill - HP


FOR COLOUR LASERS Click a link below


Colour refill Toner for HP Colour Laser printers HP Colour Laserjet CM1015 MFP
HP Laserjet 1500 1550
HP Laserjet 1600 1605
HP Laserjet 2500 2550

HP Laserjet 2600 2605

HP Laserjet 2820

HP Laserjet 2840

HP Laserjet 3000

HP Laserjet 3500 3550
HP Laserjet 3600 3650
HP Laserjet 3700 3700
HP Laserjet 3800 3850
HP Laserjet 4500 4550
HP Laserjet 4600 4650
HP Laserjet 4700 4750
HP Laserjet 5500 5550

REFILL TONER INSTRUCTIONS Hewlett Packard Laserjet Black Laser toner Cartridges: (Please note that refilling is a practical task requiring some tools & practical skills)

1) Using the "Hole Making Tool" make a hole into the Cartridge Toner Hopper at the position shown in the instructions
2) Fit the filler Spout / Funnel onto the top of the bottle and cap it.
3) Shake the toner bottle vigorously (This makes the powder flow like liquid)

4) Uncap the bottle and insert the filler spout into the hole made in step 1)

5) After the required amount of the bottle contents have transferred into the Toner cartridge remove the filler spout and recap the bottle.

6) Using gaffer tape or the plug supplied seal the hole made in cartridge to prevent leakage.

7) Fit the chip - if the Old one has expired

8) Fit the refilled cartridge back into the printer

With Chip technology on the cartridges this is more than just a small nuisance for refillers and recyclers. You don't have to be too cynical to question whether manufacturers do this deliberately to make it more difficult to recycle their cartridges and force end users to purchase new cartridges

The Evolution of Chip Technology
The emergence of cartridge computer chips has forever changed the toner cartridge aftermarket. Never before had there existed such an absolute "off" switch capable of positively locking out the aftermarket. Since their first widespread emergence in 1996, cartridge chips have exponentially grown in sophistication. Today, OEMs are utilizing the latest ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) designs, as well as cutting-edge encoding technologies. More information about the evolution of chip technology and Computer Chip Usage in Toner Cartridges will be added as and when we have it.

Other Compatible Black toner refill bottles available for Brother Epson HP QMS Mannesmann Tally Genicom HP Black laserjet Konica Samsung OKI Lexmark Xerox Laser Printer cartridges :-

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