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Resetting the ink levels on HP inkjet cartridges from ProPrint

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Resetting the ink levels on HP inkjet cartridges - Cartridge Nos - C6656ae - C6657ae - C6658ae - C9359an - No 56 - 57 - 58 & 59
Major manufacturers do not want you to refill inkjet cartridges - why?-  inkjet cartridge sales are a huge source of revenue them - anything they do which makes it more difficult for the end user to succeed means a greater chance that their cartridge sales will increase! We supply the major manufacturers inkjet cartridges but our main focus is in supplying alternatives this includes - compatible inkjet cartridges -  recycled inkjet cartridges and professional refill systems designed for particular cartridges - Our aim is to help you substantially reduce your printing costs. This page is a refinement in that process and aims to defeat a recent mechanism introduced on newer HP inkjet printer cartridges where they have included software that comes with their printers, a "toolbox" that has a section called Estimated Ink Level.  A useful tool that allows you to keep track of how much ink is left in your cartridges so you don't start a big print job and get stranded out of ink in the middle of it.  If you refill your cartridge, it will read as low or empty when you try to print with the cartridge.  How does HP do it?  They have embedded a serial number in the contact strip located on the back of the cartridge.  The printer remembers that serial number and gives the message of low or out of ink.  The internal memory is located in the printers firmware and is not in the software.  It will remember the previous two cartridges ink level. The process below will reset the ink levels so your Estimated Ink Level will read full again. 
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Resetting the HP c6656a (No 56) & C8827 (No27) blacks - C6657a (No 57) & C8828 (No 28 ) colour ink cartridges Should also work on HP 21 and HP22

Resetting No 56 cartridge

1. Refill your ink cartridge using your Proprint supplied refill kit.

Now we explain a number of methods which have been successful in resetting the ink level gauge after refilling your HP 56 (c6656a) black and HP 57 (c6657a) colour inkjet cartridges! (It also applies to No 21, 27 Blacks and the No 22, 28 Colours)


  1. With the computer off, remove the cartridge from the printer and cover contact #1 with tape.  Start up computer and printer should automatically print a test sheet.

  2. Take out cartridge and cover contact #2 with tape.  Reinstall cartridge.  Printer will make a little noise.

  3. Take out cartridge and cover contacts #3 & #4 with tape.  Reinstall cartridge.  (Printer will make a lot of noise.  If you check ink levels now with HP inkjet utility, you’ll be given a notice that printer is busy printing.

  4. Open printer lid and wait for cartridge to return to center.  Remove cartridge.

5.  Remove tape from Contacts #1, #2, #3, and #4.  Reinstall cartridge.  (If you check ink levels now, you’ll be given a notice that printer is busy printing.)

6. Turn printer off and then on again.  Check ink levels — they should now register 100% full.  Printer should be ready to use.

METHOD 2 - Three Cartridge Method

On some models the above procedure won't work, and you'll have to fool the printer by keeping three cartridges on hand (these cartridges can be old, empty cartridges).  This works because the printer only remembers the last TWO cartridges which were in it.  The procedure is as follows:

  • Cart #1 (empty) is removed for refilling
  • Cart #2 is installed
  • Cart #2 is removed
  • Cart #3 is installed
  • Cart #3 is removed
  • Cart #1 (refilled) is installed.  The printer now thinks that the filled cart is new.
ANOTHER METHOD? - METHOD 3 - One of our customers used the procedure listed above to reset the ink levels on the cartridges HP 56 & 57 in an HP Photosmart 7260. this worked fine for the color #57 but he could not get the Blk #56 to reset using the procedures listed above, however he got it to reset by applying tape per step 1, reinstall, power down printer, power up printer.
Add tape per step 2, power down printer, power up printer.
Remove tape applied in step 1, reinstall, power down printer, power up printer.
Remove tape applied in step 2, power down printer, power up printer.
At this point going to Start, Settings, Printers, HP 7260, Properties, services, service this device, select the "Estimated ink level" which showed a full ink level.
At no time in the process for either cartridge did the printer / software indicate that there was a problem with the cartridge and want to run an alignment, which is why he substituted a power down.
Method 4

Another possible method I heard of which might work on HP Lexmark and Dell is to remove both cartridges from the printer, Power the printer on / off at wall supply about 6 times - leave 30 seconds or so between each power on / off to the printer. The idea here is that the printer with no cartridges in has no cartridge "To memorize" and that at the end of the procedure any cartridge introduced is treated as a "New cartridge" - No confirmation yet that this method is effective


Method 5  

2. To reset the HP 56 black ink cartridge or HP 57 colour ink cartridge, first tape over the contact pointed to by the arrow in the diagram on the left.

3. Install the cartridge back into your HP printer with the first contact covered with tape. See below for illustration of contacts. (One of the little gold-coloured squares is called a contact.)

4. The printer will tell you that there is a problem with the ink cartridge. Click "ok".  The printer will then start to print an alignment page.  Let the printer  print the alignment page.

5. Remove the cartridge from the printer again.  Leave the first piece of tape on the contact first covered.  Cover the second contact shown in the picture on the lower left for the black cartridge or the contact in the picture on the lower right for the color cartridge.  The second contact on the HP c6656a black cartridge to be covered is the top square on the next to last row from the left.  The second contact to cover on the HP c6657a cartridge is the top square on the last row from the left.

6. Install the cartridge into the printer again.  This time with both contacts being covered with tape. 

7. The printer will go through the same process as before, telling you there is a problem with the cartridge.  Again, click "ok".  The printer will start to print an alignment sheet.  Again, let the printer finish the alignment page. 

8. Remove the cartridge once more from the printer.  Remove both pieces of tape used to cover the contacts.  Make sure that there isn't any residue left from the tape on the contacts.  If you do see residue, gently clean the contact with rubbing alcohol. 

9. Install the cartridge on final time into your HP printer.  The cartridge will now be read as new and full of ink.

HP inkjet cartridge C6657

Green square = first contact to cover             
Pink square = second contact to cover


Green square = first contact to cover
Blue square = second contact to cover


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